“…Normally I’d pick out a couple of tracks to comment on, but with this album they’re all so damn good that to pick a couple out would be unfair on the other tracks.  They all feature good solid drums, great heavy guitar riffs and some great vocals. This is an excellent album – well worth a listen for all hard rock fans.  Black Stone Cherry fans in particular are likely to enjoy Mom’s Rocket.  The band’s previous album, V2, is also well worth a listen. ‘Red’ is out now.”

Rating: 9/10

The Opening act for Randy Hansen, Mom’s Rocket, is the true definition of what the Seattle/Tacoma local Rock Scene is. This blue collar, four piece Rock Band from Olympia, fronted by Tom Roney, put it on a packed house on Friday May 25th with a stellar, High Octane, powerful, overall performance. The guys didn’t miss a beat taking the stage a full half- hour before originally scheduled.

The band led by Roney included drummer Jason Weisenhaus, bassist Randy Keller and lead guitarist Jason Celestine. This foursome dropped bombs all over Louie G’s leaving the packed house true believers in the local Rock and Roll music scene and true Mom’s Rocket fans. All the evidence you need that these dudes are for real was in their high energy, non stop rock performance.

The band ignited the crowd as they blazed through their set cranking out song after face melting song reaffirming that the Rock and Roll scene in Seattle is here and it is here to stay. This was my first time seeing these guys but it sure won’t be the last. 

When I think of Olympia — and especially bands from Washington’s capital city — usually straight ahead rock and roll acts don’t come to mind. Usually, I envision artsy, indie bands — with ironic facial hair and extremely interesting fashion sense.
For the most part, that’s the Olympia music scene I know and love.  But, as we all know, every rule has an exception — and my aforementioned description of music in Olympia is certainly no different.
Take Mom’s Rocket, for example.... A high octane mix of all that’s quintessential about true, blue, good ol’ fashion rock, Mom’s Rocket not only has a sexually suggestive moniker, but they lay down the chugging chords without much regard for flavor-of-the-month indie gimmicks or skinny boys in ass-tight pants. Mom’s Rocket is old school rock and roll without regret. In Olympia, this makes them different.

“The Olympia-based quartet… rock(s) with an attitude. With basic rock ’n’ roll chord structures, hard crashing rhythms and plenty of volume, Moms Rocket are an in-your-face kind of band. With just a little twang, they are a bit like Lynyrd Skynyrd on steroids”

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