Mom's Rocket

by Mom's Rocket

Released 2007
Released 2007
Independent Rock: Edgy, Tasty, Heavy, Bluesy, Poppy, down to your soul dirty grind kick-ass songs from Olympia, WA. Yes… another great NW band.
Moms Rocket evolved from an occasional all-acoustic jam session that Jason and Tom had going to keep themselves occupied. It didn't take long for Tom to recruit his longtime friend and band mate Jeff into the fold to keep the beat. Within a few months Jason had pulled in Randy, his string section ally since high school, plugged in the electric, and Moms Rocket was born. None of the four intended for M.R. to become a serious project, and yet in just a short period of time they have independently released a CD that has been well received by critics and fans alike.
These rocketeers from Olympia, WA are all veterans of the Pacific Northwest music scene, and have no intention of chasing the fads of the music biz in the hope of quick success. They mix modern and classic rock styles with a dash of pop sensibility to produce something a bit different, but always with an emphasis on creating great songs. Sometimes in-your-face, sometimes down-to-the-soul, sometimes silly-pop-happy, always ready to swing the sledgehammer, Moms Rocket is a real blast!
Tom Roney: vocals
Jason Celestine: guitar
Jeff Meschke: drums
Randy Keller: bass

Delta 114

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